Thursday, April 30, 2009

When is D DAY??

I never thought I would be ready for these twins to come. My pregnant body has officially made me WANT to have these babies here! The babies are both around 5 pounds which is on the bigger side of what they should be. From the constant heartburn, never sleeping, contractions and of course the CANKLES I am done. My nose has gotten huge too! What the heck. I really do at this point think it will be much easier taking care of twins than this. I am sure I will be proved wrong but hey at least I will have my body back. This has by far been the toughest few weeks and I know I still have a few more. I am really hoping we make it to at least 36 weeks so hopefully they will be able to come home with us. For twins we have been lucky as far as the pregnancy goes. There are lots of girls on the floor I work that are stuck in the hospital until they deliver which would be bad. Ok I am done just had to vent for a minute. We are so close.

We finally got all the bedrooms arranged in our house. Tarek moved into his new room and gave us the twins room. Both rooms got new paint and carpet they are too cute. It was a little crazy when Jon put up the cribs we freaked a little.
My cute but VERY stubborn friend Kristin through me a twin shower with my fam and friends against all my fighting. It was a lunch at Olive Garden and turned out fun. But we got such cute FUN stuff and two of everything. It was really helpful I can't believe how crazy it is to buy two of everything we need. I have pictures but I broke the large barrier so they cannot be posted. Anyways Thanks Kristin for doing it and for everyone that came. Michelle even came with her cute new baby at home!
I have seriously been so grateful for friends lately. I just can't believe how much support I have gotten from them through this time. I have so many people offer to take the kids during the day so I can rest or just come see how we are doing. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. We seriously consider so many family. I just am amazed by how involved and supportive everyone is. Thanks so much we love you!! You know who you are!
PS: Suzy holy cow how is Greg! What can we do?
I posted random pics just cuz!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bootcamp worked!!!

So Monday morning I realize I am down to one diaper. I just decided I was done, I am not buying any more!! I put underwear on Tarek, got out the stuff and we went to it. It was a LONG day and lots of underwear and laundry. The next day he woke up and put underwear on himself (definitely pull ups at night for now) and went on his own. I even had to go run some errands and admit I wanted to put a pull up on him for my own convenience but he threw a fit and wanted underwear. Since then he has pretty much done great. I don't even have to ask him every 10 minutes he just goes when he needs to. Today we were doing stuff since 9 this morning and he would tell me when he needed to go with NO accidents all day-even at Mcdonalds! I am amazed. He is VERY OCD about being dirty so I think that helped me out! I think we officially have him potty trained. Yay I might not have 3 kids in diapers!!