Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RyKer's BaPTism

Ryker was baptized on Saturday. It was such a great day. I was blown away by how excited and ready he was to be baptized. He has been counting down for the past six months. He has been trying really hard to be good the past couple months just to be sure he would be able to be baptized.

I didn't take nearly as many pics as I should have. The day was so busy and seemed to go so fast. He was baptized and confirmed by his dad. We had so much support there it was great. We have such great family and friends in our lives. He even invited some of his inactive friends to come watch him get baptized.
We had a little dinner get together at our house following. It is so fun to celebrate such a great occasion. I am so proud of my little guy. I am still freaking out that I have a 8 year old. He was so meant to be our first kid. He is such a leader and great example for his sister and brother. The day went perfect and he couldn't be happier!! I love you so much Ryker, I am so proud of YOU!!

5k with the fAm....

Goldenwest Credit Union sponsors a 5k every year. They match all the money made and donate it to the school of choice. Most of the schools around here participate in it. Sat morning was really COLD but once we got moving it was really fun. I don't think Tarek ever warmed up though!! Doesn't he look like he is having a blast!!!
Ryker and his friends ran a lot of the way. One of his friends dad's was nice enough to run with them. They finished WAY before us!! Kamryn rode her scooter the whole way!! She did awesome to keep up. Ya we walked or I waddled most of the way but it was great to get out and move!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The BEST Uncle EVER!!

The night of Rykers birthday my brother came over and gave Ryker Snowboarding passes to Powder Mtn. The best part was he said they are going the next day and he was going to teach Ryker how. ( he has wanted to learn forever) So the next night he came and picked him up, they spent the night snowboarding. Ryker could not have been happier. All he has said all week was that was the BEST present he has ever gotten. Brian made his year!! He looks up to him a ton so I think the one on one time was just as fun as the snowboarding!! Thanks Brian We Love You!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CaTcHinG uP!!!

I have been the biggest slacker lately!! I have a ton of stuff I want to blog but I just don't. It is my life story right now. I have next to NO motivation to do anything. Getting through the days sometimes is accomplishment enough! The babies are doing good, they each weigh about 2 1/2 pounds. They are super HEAVY already though. My belly button has popped out already (it never did with my other kids). I am just getting HUGE!! I feel like I am in my last month and I still have at least 2 to go!! We are thinking we should start getting ready for them, we have seriously done NOTHING. We had an apt with the perinatologist and I think that was the first time I felt some excitement for them to come. They are cute! Jon said the same thing when we left. I know it is sad! If anybody has name ideas they would be great!! Even middle names we want them to have middle names but just random ones.
Kamryn got her insulin pump almost a month ago. It was a ton of worry and finger pokes at first. We have gotten the hang of it and it is AWESOME!! Kam can eat what she wants when she wants and we just program the machine to give her insulin. She only has to get poked once every 3 days and it has really helped control her sugars. It has not been without issues to work through (she got cellulitis in her leg :( ) It has been a HUGE blessing in our lives. I was worried it would effect her body image at first but she loves to show it off and wears it on her clothes for everyone to see. She is even starting to learn to work it herself. We need to have her a pro before she starts 1st grade in the fall so she can be independent with school lunch.
She also moved into her new room awhile ago. Jon did an awesome job building it for her and it is DARLING. She picked out what she wanted and has it just her way. I worried she would be scared to move into the basement but she loves it.
Rykers birthday was Monday. I cannot believe I have an 8 year old!! He has been so excited to turn 8 and get baptized and start scouts. We only let our kids have a party on their odd birthday but on their even one they get to take a friend and do something fun. Well Jon and I are huge pushovers and ended up taking 9 kids to the clearfield pool to swim! (it is sooo cheap though!) Ryker has a bunch of good friends and everyone wanted him to invite them and i seriously have this problem where I can't say NO! Kamryn brought her friends to so it turned into a bigger group than we started with but it was a blast.
The night of his birthday we got our families together at the pizzaria (of course!) We seriously are addicted to that place. It turned out really fun Ryker had all of his grandparents and his great grandparents come. His aunt and uncle were there with our cute cousins and then remember the "cousins" that are really distant? We were told that they are cousins and have to come so they came also. It was a big group. Ryker felt so special it was great.
The best dad ever!! Ryker really looks up to him. It has made a big difference in their relationship having Jon home a lot. We are really lucky.
I love this pic because it has his great grandparents in it which is priceless.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun with the GirLS!!

Once a month we try to get together with the "girls" in our family. It usually consists of Kamryn and I, my sister Danielle, my mom, and My FAVORITE aunt Connie, and my cute cousins Kiley and Jamie and sometimes my Grandma (not tonight though.) We first went to get pedicures together, then went to dinner. I love having Kamryn be old enough to come and have fun with us now.
Kamryn and my cousin Jamie. She was so happy that her legs were long enough to fit in the water. The last time we went the lady kept telling her she was too small and it made her feel bad. She fit like a champ this time (with the help of pillows of course!) Kam and Jamie are too dang cute together. She really looks up to Jamie and loves her to death.
Finally dinner time. We were all starving by the time we got there!! I have some WAY cute relatives huh! My mom got out of all the pics except this one so I had to make sure she was here. These are some of my favorite times is hanging out with these guys. We laugh a lot and just enjoy each other.
My nephew Rylan comes with us too! He is so cute and keeps us entertained. My mom was feeding him a lemon and he was making the funniest faces but of course I miss them by the time I take a pic. He is almost 6 months old and still so tiny! I think he is like 12 pounds. He is just one of the girls hanging out.