Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Kamryn had a valentine party yesterday with lots of girls! It turned out to be a ton of fun. Ryker had a Christmas party with a ton of his buddies so we promised her she could do a valentine party. She honestly reminded us AT LEAST once a week so we had to follow through!
We decided to make a ton of sugar cookies and let the girls go crazy decorating them. They frosted and candied everything. It was really fun and they sat and decorated for a long time.
Jon is the best hubby ever. He hung out and helped me through the whole party. All those girls are definitely not in Jon's comfort zone but he partied with them anyways.
Kam and one of her best friends Megan. She has a twin sister Maddie that live down the street. The three of them are inseparable.
Ryker and his friends came upstairs and every girl chased them and dog piled him. He is under that pile of girls somewhere. That's when we realized we may be in trouble when these two are teenagers. (Senior boys, sophomore girls ya I can see it now!)
The rest of the party was karaoke singing Hannah Montana and High School Musical. They were a hoot. They all sang together really loud and waited in line for their turn. They would all cheer when "Troy" would come on screen and say how cute he was. (Kindergarten!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The kids don't know!!

We have been trying to throw together a last trip to disneyland before the babes come. I have been growing at a rapid pace all of a sudden so we moved the trip up so I am not waddling all over the park. We also decided to not fly cuz of the awesome gas prices right now and we have to buy lots of twin stuff. Jon's job is really flexible so we decided to make it a week long trip and do vegas also. The fun part is we have not told the kids we are just going to up and leave. We are really excited I am terrible at keeping secrets. We finally got into the princess dinner, it has been booked up every time we have gone. Kam will be ecstatic! I have a feeling we wont be back (or going anywhere) for awhile-5 KIDS- so we will live it up!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 years later........

February 5th 1999 I was getting married! It was a COLD snowy day but the best day ever. I cannot get over how my wedding pictures look so old fashioned. What a difference 10 years makes. Everyone looks so young in them!

All of our biggest supporters even to this day!!

Can you believe the ruffles on the dress! Its HUGE. What was I thinking!!

Cutest husband EVER!!

Notice the lace background hahaha!

Sorry girls I had to post my hot bridesmaids!!

Cute parents!

These are my cute cousins that are now teenagers. They will kill me if they see this!
For our anniversary we are getting massages and going to dinner. We are taking the kids to disneyland in a few weeks (they dont know yet) so we are just making it simple. I am super excited I will always take a massage! I have been reflecting over the past 10 years and all that has happened. I can say it has been the most busy, stressful, eventful, fabulous years ever. They have not slowed down any and i'm sure won't for the next 10. Jon and I do great with chaos so bring it on!! jk (I guess thats why we're having twins huh!). Jon has been the greatest blessing in my life. Each year really does get better and better. I never thought I could love him more than I did on our wedding day but that love was so shallow compared to now. Cheesy huh. I love you Jon thanks for always making me feel like the most loved person in the world!! Here's to the next 10!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Six months after Kamryn got diagnosed we were told that she would be at a high risk for thyroid problems and celiac disease. The last time we were at the diabetes clinic they drew her blood to test her for them. The day after we found out we were having twins her Dr. called and said that she had a positive marker for the celiac disease. This is basically an allergy to anything containing flour, which is everything. We were devestated because we have family members with it and she is already restricted enough with the diabetes. They said the only way to confirm it is with a biopsy of her small intestine (which includes more pokes, iv's etc.) Our pediatrician said there is another test to run in conjunction with the first one. If this test comes back normal we would not have to do the biopsy unless she shows symptoms. We did the test almost two months ago but could not get the results. Today we were at the lab and I finally decided we needed to find out. THEY WERE NORMAL!! We put it off for so long because we didn't want to know. We are SO relieved!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where's My Camera!!!....

We spent this past weekend in Twin Falls with our friends the Dixon's. We always spend the superbowl weekend with them and trade houses each year. We had a great time!! I have lots of great pictures just for this blog. I just can't find my camera! I know we brought it home but can't find it ANYWHERE! We fit a lot into a short weekend including basketball games, eating lots of funky pizza (even saurkraut), a huge bounce house for the kids, more eating, a night out without kids, then eating all day long on Sunday. We had a blast even though the weekend went too fast. I know this is not as fun to read without pics. Thanks Rob and Montay for letting us stay with ya and for the great weekend!!