Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a SLacKeR!!

So it has been over 2 months since I have blogged and basically this is why...................... This is seriously all we have been doing all summer, VERY time consuming. We have really tried to have some sort of real summer for the kids but it has been hard. It is a huge project to take the whole family anywhere, I definitely need another adult to do anything. The kids have had a fun time with friends and going places around here. We did a big trip in the spring and hopefully will do some in the fall. It was just not possible the past couple of months. We have definitely kept busy this summer. Here is a few of the things we have been up to..

Kamryn had her final dance recital in June. She did a great job. She did just tap dance this year and absolutely loved it. She got to be "Jessie" from Toy Story 2 in a big disney opening act. She is such a cute dancer and really worked hard, I am really proud of her.

She did a cute dance about a duck. It was fun because they sang the song while they danced. Her dad bought her flowers which is always her favorite. (besides being able to wear makeup!)The summer has been busy for the kids. They play all the time. There have been days when they just can't go any longer. Tarek loves to cuddle up to his big brother these two slept for over 2 hours. They are too cute.

Ryker played in his first soccer tournament this summer. It was really a good experience for the kids. They made it to the semi finals which was really good because they played some really good teams. A lot of the kids were a year older than them. They didn't win but had a blast playing. Ryker plays forward the first half and goalie the second. He is an awesome player.

The majority of the summer we spent swimming. Mostly at the OAC pool. The kids could swim everyday if we let them. We went to the Roy Aquatic center a few times and blew up the waterslide pool in our backyard also. My kids have to have their goggles everywhere they go. Tarek is so funny because usually he has them over his ears and they look so uncomfortable. We can't tell him any different though.
We have not really had a bedtime for the kids this summer. It was kinda been an anything goes or until we can't stand them anymore =) There were some late nights when the more tired they get the more crazy they get. These are my power rangers doing some night time entertaining! We had some good laughs.

This is on the 4th of July at my uncle Ray's house. Every 4th of July we go to his house in hooper. There is always skeet shooting for the boys and tons of food. The kids swim, and of course more food. Then always tons of fireworks and a bonus is we can see the Hooper fireworks from his house too. It is so much fun and we do it every year!!

My favorite thing this summer is to go to breakfast at the pleasant valley grill. It is at a golf course. You sit outside and it is so quiet and pretty. They have YUMMY crispy french toast that I eat more than I should. It is the coolest place. Then after we go let the kids hit a bucket of balls. We have done this a few times this summer and hopefully we will do it a few more before school starts. It is very relaxing and fun for the kids! Highly recommend this for breakfast too much fun!

We blessed the babies this past week. It turned out really well. Jon did a great job. He was really nervous to bless two babies and not have them sound the same. He was great and everything went great. As always we had tons of support.